Fall and Winter

Maintenance Tips | Fall and Winter | General Guidelines

General guidelines for keeping your home warm and efficient

  • Have an R.S. Boyers Heating and Air Conditioning representative inspect your home’s ducts and heating equipment.
  • Clean or replace furnace filters every month
  • Clean chimney and check to see if your fireplace or venting system is working properly
  • Seal air leaks in the attic, basement, crawlspace, and also around windows and doors
  • Check your attic for proper insulation (The U.S. DOE suggests a value between R-22 and R-49)
  • Close curtains or shades at night and keep them open during the day
  • Clean windows on the south side of your house to maximize sunlight exposure
  • Weather-strip doors that lead to cold outside areas
  • Wrap and insulate waterlines in unconditioned spaces to prevent them from freezing
  • Repair leaky faucets
  • Keep return and supply registers and grilles free from obstruction
  • Keep debris from building up around outdoor unit, if you have a heat pump system, and clean outdoor coil as necessary . Maintain at least 18″-24″ clearance around outdoor unit so it can “breathe” properly
  • Clean humidifier reservoir, pads, and/or nozzles every season
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